Bleed Rings

Relieve the pressure or access your pipeline with our bleed rings. They are made with quality in the U.S.A by LR Specialty Metals.

Availability runs from 1″ to 12″ with pressure tolerance ratings from 150 to 900 pounds.

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Top quality bleed rings made in the U.S.A. by LR Specialty Metals.

Each Bleed Ring has a single 1/2″ threaded or socket-weld tap. Multiple taps, or 3/4″ taps, are possible with special order. Thickness of the ring will need to be taken into consideration when requesting larger taps.

Ring joint dimensions and tolerances are in strict accordance with A.N.S.I. B16.5 and B16.20. Female oval ring groove is furnished as standard.

One coat of standard shop primer is applied to all carbon plate products unless specified differently.

Standard materials are:

A.S.T.M. A516 GR 70
304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Standard Finish is: 125-250 AARH (3.2 – 6.3 Ra)

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