Hydroplex Hydra HCI Choke Valves

The Hydroplex HCI Segmented Inline choke Valve provides many of the same features common on Hydroplex choke valves but at a lower initial cost. The simplified inline design lends itself easily to manual actuation, although it may be automated as the need arises.

Hydroplex chokes are Multiple Orifice Valves (MOV) specifically designed to control high pressure liquids and gases while providing reliability and extended service.


Quarter-turn valves (90ᵒ full on/off)

Actuated or Manual

High quality materials

Hub design allows replacement of repair parts without breaking pipe or actuator connections

Direct mount of actuator to valve body

Standard ISO/DIN bolting pattern

5,000 MAWP PSI

100% hydro-testing of all assemblies

Low torque ratings

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Hydroplex Choke Brochure



The body and control surfaces are constructed to provide optimum meantime between services, and the modular construction make the valve easily serviceable on site or completely repairable with minimal down time. The design flexibility allows for field conversions from manual to automated, and single stage to multiple stage pressure drops. The optional abrasion resistant wear sleeve is designed to direct the flow from the discs to the centerline of the piping. This option will extend the useful life of the valve by reducing the effects of cavitation and mechanical erosion typically present in the fluid recovery process after the pressure drop.

Because it uses the standard hub on the downstream side it can be outfitted with a wear sleeve, or utilizing a multistage PD system, we can specify a fixed orifice bean to accommodate large pressure drops. The inline design and smaller rotator size also allows for lower operating torques.

Related model: HCA & HCY Hydrachoke Valves.

1. Valve Body: Durable and corrosion resistant 316 stainless material.

2. Hub Assembly: Allows easy access to internals without breaking pipe connections, disconnecting or recalibrating the actuator. The design allows for less expensive replacement of the downstream hub in lieu of replacing the whole valve body.

3. Wear Sleeve (Optional): All valve hubs allow for wear sleeves. The wear sleeve is made from a durable Stellite material for abrasive or turbulent environments extending valve life.

4. Fixed Orifice Bean (Optional): The hub design allows for placement of a Fixed Orifice Bean to achieve up to a 2 stage (HCI) or 3 stage (HCA/HCY) pressure drop within the valve. The fixed orifice bean also extends the life of the valve.

5. MOV Trim: All valves come standard with Tungsten Carbide Trim available in sizes up to 3/4”.

6. Rotator: The smaller rotator outside diameter reduces operating torque, requiring smaller and less expensive actuators.

6A.* Stem Assembly: The smaller shaft diameter reduces operating torque, requiring smaller and less expensive actuators.

7. Manual Handle: The handle and rotator are specially designed to resist thread pull out.

7A.* Manual Handle (Optional): The thumb screw on the handle will resist movement of the stem until released.

8. Calibration Plate: Handle equipped with indicator pointing to a Calibration Plate showing percentage and # of 64ths open.

9. Actuator Mounting (Optional – Not Shown): Design allows for mounting of common valve actuators with a simplified system to reduce hysteresis.

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