Work Bench

We spent 10 years in product development and refinement, in both an industrial manufacturing environment and pressure relief valve repair business.

We do crazy stuff, and we’ve never managed to break one.

You do serious work.

We build serious work benches.

Angle iron is cute when you’re building decorative flower boxes. For serious work you want 11 gauge square steel tube, and that’s all we use.

The table top is 3/16” thick steel plate. ‘Nuff said.

All metal-to-metal joints are welded. What’s welded together stays together.

You don't believe in luck and finger crossing and neither do we.

You may find other tables with the lighter construction and much higher weight ratings.

If we rate a product to 2000 lbs, that means it’s safe to 2000 lbs on your worst day ever, with Murphy’s Law breathing down your neck. We know you work with things that can crush you.

If something goes wrong, it won't be our work bench.

Overhead Utility Rack and Backboard

At 7 feet above the ground the Utility Rack is overhead for most of us. When you put 500lbs over your head, you generally want it to stay there.

The 3/4” plywood back is there to support the your tools, fastener storage bins, Pressure hoses, boxes for small parts, tool racks, tubing, etc. Don’t wander all over your shop, just stick it on the backboard.

Floor Support

Serious jobs need serious tables, and serious tables need a serious floor. Anchor the feet to a concrete floor at least 3 inches thick with four 1/2” diameter, 4-1/4” long concrete anchors.

Yeah, it’s not going anywhere.

Building on our foundation

We expect you to take our work bench as a serious foundation in building the ultimate workspace. Everything about it work bench is designed with adaptability in mind.

Just get some serious self tapping screws to attach whatever equipment you need directly to the tubing. Don’t worry, you’re not going to hurt it.

If you need some serious equipment, like maybe a Vise to always be on your table, feel free to weld it there. That’s why the table top is a steel plate.

Are you ready to Get Serious?